Ferrari 550 Intake

For a better performance, every component should be put well in place and each part must be rightly delivering. It is observed that some time the ordinary or less important parts affect the output of a vehicle. Same is the case with intake system of Ferrari 550, which is of course vitally important. In view of the importance of the quality air intake system for your vehicle, we offer air intake kits of popular brands designed to fit all models of Ferrari 550. Our quality air intake kits are built to enhance horsepower and increase torque. The intake kits comprise non-metallic tubes to minimize temperature and intake sound. Air filters are designed specially in large size to increase maximum surface area and dust capacity. Greater surface area ensures more air flow and lower restriction for more and more power. In addition to this, there are air filters; air flow meters; air flow sensors; throttle body etc. at subsidized prices.

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