Ferrari 360 Exhaust

Do you want a roaring loud or soft 360 Exhaust? Or do you wish to modify the outlook of your Ferrari 360 appearance? Our Ferrari 360 exhaust system will be a performance up gradation, sound or visual. To replace the old exhaust system with our new and high quality 360 exhausts is a great way to make your Ferrari perform well and sound good. The new throaty sound will impress others. Original mufflers generally rust because those are made from cheap metals; where as we present mufflers made from high quality stainless steel. Moreover, the material used in our exhaust system is lighter which ultimately will lessen the vehicle’s weight. Our exhaust system is custom to your Ferrari 360’s all models to produce a legendary sound and deliver more power and quality. We have only the leading brands which will make you proud while on victory stand. Our brands are all time favorites of champions across the globe. The muffler designs cover many varieties and can easily be installed. These exhaust kits include necessary clamps, connectors and other hardware for hassle-free mounting of new equipment.<

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Ferrari 360 Modena Hamann Sport Exhaust

Ferrari 360 Modena Hamann Sport Exhaust

This Hamann Sport Exhaust will make your 360 scream!  With its four round tail pipes that measure 80mm each (no flaps), it lives...


Ferrari 360 Modena Hamann Sport Headers

Ferrari 360 Modena Hamann Sport Headers

This is a set of custom Hamann Sport headers / Cataylics that provide an increase of power rated at approxamately 24hp.  Original...

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