Modena Race is your source for everything Ferrari.  Our specialized store offers performance parts and accessories for nearly every model. We choose only the finest replacement parts that are designed to exceed expectations.

From Enzo Ferrari's first production road car in 1947, the company has become synonymous for producing race track ready supercars.  No matter if you autocross, race, or just drive your precious prancing horse, we have the right parts to make the experience even more special.

Modena Race is a leader in sourcing rare original equipment items like Challenge Stradale grills, F1 clutch kits, carbon ceramic brakes, lighting, and exhaust systems.  These items can bring out the full potential of your F430 or F360, and give you a unique look. 

The Ferrari brand has become synonymous with luxury. No other brand of automobile in the world elicits the same reaction out of people. Perhaps it is the awe of such a high-performance machine, but we believe it is the essence of the machine that is immediately recognizable.  We strive to provide the level of service that matches the awe-inspiring ownership experience.

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